T post, punched T post and studded t post, popularly used for fittings for mesh fences installation.
T post plastic coated or galvanized:
Surface : green , red or galvanized
Spec. 0.95lbs/feet 1.25lbs/feet  1.33lbs/feet
Length: 6' 6.5' 7' 8' ...........according to requirements
Packing: 10 pieces per bundle , 20 bundles per pallet , or according to customer's requirement

Punched T-post/fence post
Spec. :  0.95lbs /feet  1.25lbs/feet .1.33lbs/feet ....
            Each t-post has 18holes , each hole is 3inches apart starting from the top ,the holes' measure is 1/4 of an inch.
            The bottom part from each t-pole is free of holes
            Length : 6'   7'    8'  .......
            Packing : 50 pieces per bundle
                           the bundles per iron pallet
         or according to customer's requirements to produce

Studded T post -- with spade / without spade

Material: Billet or Rail.
Spec.: 0.85kgs/ft, 0.95kgs/ft, 1.25kgs/ft, 1.33kgs/ft
Length: 5' ~ 10'
Surface: painted or hot dip galvanized.
Packing: 5pcs per bundle, 200 pcs per pallet of square packing (30CM X 90CM).

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