Aluminum Mesh Fences

Aluminum wire mesh makes ideal high grade metal fencing materials with the feature of rust resistance and maintenance free.

Aluminum fence is usually in the form of chain link type, for sport fencing, ornamental fence and pool security fencing.

Ornamental aluminum fencing combines strength, beauty and durability all in one. This fencing helps to enhance the appearance and value of any property. It has the appearance of "wrought iron" without the associated maintenance.

Aluminum fence is available in many heights, colors and styles. It is maintenance-free, powder coated aluminum fence.
According to the top, it can be divided into flat top fencing and spear fencing. Flat top aluminum fence is used as boundary fencing for private uses, or to contain pets, or to provide a level of security.

Aluminum spear fencing is designed to deter pedestrian scaling. The staggered picket length design of creates aesthetic security while decoratively enhancing any landscape and is available in 2 or 3 channel.

Aluminum chain link fence is one of the most popular fabrics with the features of corrosion resistance, lightness, pleasing appearance, and minimum maintenance requirements.

This type is both structural as well as decorative. It provides permanent, maintenance free enclosures, and protective barriers in keeping with contemporary design requirements. Chain link fence made of aluminum has a natural, trim beauty that is difficult to attain with other fencing material.

Advantages of Using Aluminum Chain Link Fence instead of Galvanized Fences:
1.Aluminum fence offers inherent resistance in harsh industrial and seacoast atmospheres that cause rapid deterioration in most other metals.
2. It saves maintenance cost: Since painting is unnecessary for aluminum chain link fence, users can save the maintenance cost. This has become the major factor in the overall cost of a wire fence, as maintenance costs have risen steadily each year.
3. High strength installations and can be relied upon under the hardest usage. They resist strains and impacts, often more satisfactorily than traditional materials.
4. Aluminum is entirely salvageable - fence locations can be changed, if necessary, and all components re-used, even after a fence has been installed for years.