Poultry Wire Netting Fences

Galvanized and PVC coated poultry wire fences in all size

Poultry wire is also named poultry netting or hexagonal mesh. It is commonly used to fence poultry livestock.

According to the materials, poultry wire fences come in four types: galvanized wire, stainless steel, PVC coated and brass poultry wire fence.
Galvanized wire poultry fence is mainly used in the garden for bird protection. In which, 13mm hole is used to make fruit cages and sculpture, 25-50mm hole for poultry enclosures, garden borders and bird protection, 31mm-50mm hole for rabbit protection. Galvanized wire poultry wire fence size: wide (mm): 600, 900, 1000, 1200, 1800. length (metres): 25, 50. hole (mm): 25, 50.

PVC coated poultry mesh is used in the garden or agricultural use. Its core wire is 17 or 19 gauge galvanized wire. PVC green wire netting size: wide (mm):500, 1000. length (metres): 10, 25, 50. hole (mm): 13, 25, 50.

Stainless steel poultry netting can be made to poultry or small animals housing, or used in agricultural, walkways, wooden bridges.
Poultry wire fences have the features of robust construction, the surface smooth, good anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation. Stainless steel wire netting size: 50 metre x 900 mm roll, Hexagonal holes 25mm, 20 gauge or 22 gauge.

Product material categories: Light, heavy hexagonal wire mesh, PVC coated hexagonal wire mesh, galvanized hexagonal wire mesh.

Features: Robust construction, the surface smooth, with a good anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation characteristics.

Weaving: Positive twist, reverse twist, double twist.

1/2. 3ftx50 yards,x22 Gauge.
3/4. 3ft x 50 yards x22 Gauge
Galvanized iron wire net 4x100ft x 33 yards.
Colored nylon net blue and green 33 yards.
Mesh size: 30x30. 4x100ft.

Plastic net blue & green 4x100ftx33 yards.
Mesh 14x14.
Hexagon wire mesh (hot dipped) welded.
BWG 22x1/2"x3x150.
BWG 22x3/4"x 3 x 150.
Weight; 11kg/roll.
Plastic mesh 13x14 mesh 4x100.
Nylon netting .28x28
mesh 4x100.

The common specification:
Available in 1 inch (about 2.5 cm) diameter, 2 inch (about 5 cm) and 1/2 inch (about 1.3 cm), chicken wire is available in various wire gauges usually 19 gauge (about 1 mm wire) to 22 gauge (about 0.7 mm wire).

Galvanized poultry netting size:
1/2 inch 3 x150 feet and 4 feet x 150feet (0.66mm) 14kg\roll
3/4inch 3 x 150 feet (6.9kg) and 4 x 150feet (9.2kg) 1/2 inch 3 feet x 150 feet and 4x 150 feet galvanized electro chicken wire (0.46mm) 12.4kg/roll
30x 30mesh 4 x 100 feet
24x 24mesh 4 x 100 feet

Brass poultry netting size:
BWG 42 x 42 3 x 100 feet
30 x 30mesh 4 x 100 feet
16 x 14mesh 4 x 100 feet and 3 x 100 feet

Usage: Used for feeding chicken, ducks, geese, rabbits and zoo fence, machinery and equipment protection, highway guardrail, sports venues fence, the road green belt fence. It can be made into a box-shaped containers, cages filled with rocks, etc., can be used to protect and support the seawall, hillsides, road and bridge, reservoirs and other civil engineering, is the flood control's good material. chicken wire is also used by some artists to create sculptures.

Application case:
Poultry wire with hexagonal spacing, 1 inch mesh, 20 gauge wire; 36 inch height x 36 inch height, use the 3 ft × 3 ft sections to make a cylinder shape wire form to place over the trees to protect from deer damage.
Black vinyl coated poultry wire 1', 18", 2', 3', 4', 5' and 6' rolls 150' long for poultry house construction.