Temporary Fence

Temporary Fence, is also called mobile fences, portable safety fence net. Temporary Fence from the process point of view can be divided into two kinds: Welded Temporary Fence and woven wire temporary fence.

Welded Wire Mesh Temporary Fence:
The main specifications are as follows wire diameter :3.6-6mm
Aperture: 50X200mm 75X150mm 80X160mm 100X200mm, etc. Add a picture Add a picture
Mesh height :1.0-2 .0 m
Mesh width :2.0-3 .0 m
Fence Post: round square, square post, new anti-theft column
Surface treatment: heat zinc, dip, spray, sand blasting, electrostatic spraying.
Color: mainly green (yellow, blue, etc.)
The above specifications, color, etc. can also be customized according to customer needs.

Woven Wire Mesh Mesh Temporary Fence:
The main specifications are as follows wire diameter :1.5-4mm
Aperture: 50X50mm 60X60mm 70X70mm etc.
Mesh Size: 1mX2m 1.5mX2m 2mX2.5m 2mx3m and so on.
Surface treatment: PVC coated galvanized
Color: mainly green, blue-based.
These specifications can be customized according to customer demand.

Temporary Fence is applicable to temporary isolation, temporary partitions, temporary circle around, is highly flexible product.
Mainly with removable coupling member and the base will be the main piece guardrail or protective column standard connection, such as when specific needs can be easily removed to move the installation.
Major structural features: relatively small mesh, base safety performance, attractive appearance, can be produced according to customer needs.

Temp Fences with Frames:

Temp fences with frames have three main components: fence fabrics, fence posts and clips.
It is portable, modular and free standing fencing. It is a decorative fence solution for a yard, patio, deck, terrace, outdoor restaurant, arbor area, panel system, modular, modular fence, modular fencing, etc.

Temp fence with frames is moveable, self standing partitions with frames. Our modular fence panel designs come with steel frames, single sided panel or double sided panels, custom sizing, different width boards, sanded or finished, post attachment type, etc.

Temporary fencing is a quick and economical solution to secure your construction site materials and equipment from theft or vandalism.

A few of the benefits of temporary fencing with frames:

Quick installations & removal
No digging or pavement damage
Easy to relocate & stackable
Low cost.

Modular Temp Fence Panels
Modular fence panels are designed for quick two-person installation and can be installed on virtually any surface. The panels are simple to disassemble, relocate and re-assemble on site.
Temporary fence panels are available in various sizes of width and height.
We offer systemized metal panel with edge protection offering a higher standard of safety to reduce the risk of falls from height.
Temp modular fence panel is a highly visible full-mesh panel with a galvanized and powder-coated finish. Temporary barrier panels are of triple wire construction for extra strength and rigidity, galvanized and powder-coated in high visible yellow. The panels also incorporate an integral toe board.
Main Application:

    • Security fencing at construction sites
    • Protection from theft and accidents
    • Secure building area
    • Special event crowd control
    • Crime and disaster scene security