Perimeter Fences

Perimeter fence is widely used as a kind of high tensile border fence for isolation of different sites and fields. If fitted with barbed wire or razor wire as fence toppings, it gives even more protection for the sites isolated.

Material: Low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire
Feature: high tensile strength, corrosion-resisting,durable, withstanding outdoor exposure
Special processes: electro galvanized, hot dipped galvanized, plastic-soaked
Usage: for roads, freight yards, sport fields, airports and public districtsetc.

Hot-dipped diameter:5.0mm
mesh size:50mm X 180mm
post:48 mm X 2.5mm
mesh panel:2.3m X 2.9m
four reinforing ribs mesh hole:50X50mm

Structure: High srength hard-drawn wire and low carbon steel wire are hydroformed after being welded. And it is fixed with link accessories and tublor steel prop.

Features: Higher strength, good rigidty, attractive appearance, have a wide sphere of vision, easy to install, brightness and relaxed.

Advantage: The surface adopts a variety of colors dip treatment, such as yellow,green and red. The collocation of post and mesh panel with different colors is feast for the eyes. Meanwhile, this kind of product adopts the column with chassis,you just need to fixed expansion bolts, so it is very fast to install.

Usage: railway fence, living quarters fence, factory fence, development zone fence.