High Tensile Steel Deer Fences, Also Black Poly Deer Fences


Galvanized steel wire deer fence, is lightweight, nearly invisible and requires no special tools to install. This special woven wire fence in hinge joint will not harm the deer, made to tear away under pressure but put up enough resistance to discourage future entry attempts. It can be used together with barbed wire for further security.

Deer Fence Advantages

  • Economical
  • Nearly invisible after installation
  • Easy to install
  • Can protect farms, nurseries and gardens
  • Strong enough to discourage deer, will not harm deer
  • 7' 6'' height to keep deer from jumping
  • Available in roll sizes of 200', 1,000' and 5,000'


  • Run tension wire 7' 6" off ground between trees or posts
  • Attach fence to tension cable using cable ties
  • Nail fence to trees using galvanized nails
  • Fasten fence to posts with cable ties
  • Secure fence at bottom using ground staples

    Black Poly Deer Fence:

    It seems that deer like to chew up trees, vegetables and flowers in your garden. Maybe you've tried many measures -- sight, sound, touch repellents, to solve deer problems. However, deer are still frequent visitors of your garden. Hence, it is time to consider a fence which integrates high tensile with long durable. Polyresin deer fence makes an ideal material for fencing deers with enough strength and no harm.

    How to choose deer fences?
    Height or width is a vital factor while you are selecting deer fences. White-tailed deer can jump almost eight feet high. If its population is heavy in your area, you should pay more attention to the upright height of the deer fencing. Or you can choose a shorter, slanted fence with 45-degree angle or add a few strands on top for extra height.

    What common sizes are available for poly deer fences?
    Mesh size: 1.75 inch ×2 inch,
    Roll size: 7.5 ft.×100 ft., 7.5 ft.×300 ft., 7.5 ft.×330 ft., 6 ft.×100 ft., 6×330 ft..
    Color: black.
    If you don't find the size you require, please contact us and we will be honored to provide you the exact size you need.

    What else choices for deer fencing beside polyresin ones?
    High tensile Fixed Knot deer fence

    High tensile: 12-1/2 gauge high tensile heavily Class 3 galvanized wire.
    Fixed Knots: Vertical wires are severely fastened to horizontal wires by a third wire that wraps the joints.
    Flexibility: Tension curves in the horizontal wires assists in expanding and contracting.